The following forms are due on June 30th of each calendar year.

Updated Bylaws for each group are due on June 30th of each ODD numbered year. 

All forms are in fillable PDF format. Download the forms to access the fill function. 

A note on Bylaws: This model of Bylaws contains the mandatory provisions which each affiliate group’s Bylaws must include in order to comply with IRS rules and regulations, which require that the principal organization, in this case the Claremont Parent-Faculty Association (CPFA), control and supervise the activities of any affiliates whose tax-exempt status depends on the principal organization’s. Any additions or changes to these Bylaws must be reviewed and approved by the Council of the CPFA. Additional provisions may be added to those below, provided that they do not contradict the provisions of this model, the Bylaws of the Site PFA, or the provisions of the Claremont Parent Faculty Association Bylaws. 

Please return all completed forms via email to

CPFA Officer Roster Fillable.pdf
CPFA Insurance Form Fillable.pdf
CPFA Year End Financial Report Instructions.pdf
CPFA Year End Financial Report 23-24 Fillable.pdf
CPFA Budget Sheet Fillable.pdf

School Site Bylaws

Site Bylaws Fillable PDF.pdf

Booster Group & Class Committee Bylaws

Booster Group Bylaws Fillable PDF.pdf